Puppy Update.. :)

Since I was struggling on what else to write about, I thought I’d just give a little update on ShNo.  Today is exactly two months since we brought the little guy home.

When we got ShNo, I couldn’t believe how big he was for an 8 week old puppy, and he weighed in at 10 lbs and barely reached my knee.  But, now, at 17 weeks, he’s tripled in size – at just over 30 lbs and reaches mid-thigh. 

He’s basically potty-trained, though he hasn’t learned to bark or come call us when he needs to go out – which has resulted in or two accidents when we were not paying attention or the door wasn’t left open.  Or if he’s left in the crate for longer than five or six hours (which we try not to do ever).

He sleeps through the night, and will even walk into his crate without having to be carried in there.

He can ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’ on command every time.

He can ‘shake a paw’.

He can ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and wait till I say ‘ok’ to get his food, or treat, or walk through a door.

He knows his name – but chooses to ignore it sometimes.

He can ‘Drop It’ but only when the item in his possession is not a piece of clothing or a shoe – in which case he runs in the opposite direction.

He runs with his ears pulled back and his tail wagging a million miles a minute when he sees one of us.

He’s been the prime suspect in a few cases of shoe fatalities – one being a nice dress up heel I wore to a wedding just a few days before, the others being flip flops that he oh so casually destroyed.

And, while I can’t wait for the chewing stage to end, I’m already mourning the loss of my little itty bitty puppy, as he all-too quickly grows into a dog. 



4 thoughts on “Puppy Update.. :)

    • Wow.. 100 lbs! What kind of dog is he?
      ShNo is up to 45 lbs now at 5 months old. I think he’s going to be a bit bigger than breed standard, because male huskies are supposed to be between 45 – 60 lbs, and he’s still got lots of growing to do.

  1. So riddle me this: my husband would like to get a puppy. I’m due to deliver a newborn in January. I don’t think I can manage the time to do both for….several months. My husband thinks the puppy shouldn’t take much time.

    So: my question to you: ho much time per day do you think you spend training the puppy?

    • Honestly?
      No offense to your husband, but puppies are so much work. When we first got ShNo, he needed either constant attention and/or supervision, or he had to be in the crate where he cried and cried if he could see me or hear me. They do sleep a lot, but he still needed to be taken out every half-an-hour to pee. Some breeds are easier to housebreak than others (ours is not the easy sort), but you still have to watch that they aren’t chewing on your shoes or the kids toys, or going in the house constantly. Plus, waking up to a crying baby and a crying puppy who needs to go to the bathroom every 3 or so hours each night till they are about 4 months old.
      Granted, ShNo is almost six months old and a lot less work than he used to be… But, I wouldn’t have wanted a newborn and a new puppy at the same time.
      Haha.. That being said, puppies are great haha. It can depend on the breed you get though for sure, and whether it’s going to be an inside or outside dog. That’s just my two cents on it though.

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