Thought I’d ease back into this easily, with a list of things I’ve never done:

I’ve never…

  1. done drugs
  2. had sex in a public place
  3. made out with a random guy
  4. been to Asia
  5. travelled across the Equator
  6. skinny-dipped
  7. smoked a cigarette or a cigar
  8. sang Karaoke in public
  9. gone bunjee jumping
  10. said no to a roller coaster ride
  11. watched the Goonies
  12. wore leg warmers
  13. lived on my own
  14. cheated
  15. ran away from home
  16. sneaked out in the middle of the night
  17. finished reading Anna Karinena
  18. given birth
  19. owned a rat/hamster/gerbil/etc
  20. been arrested
  21. swam with dolphins
  22. played hockey.

2 thoughts on “Never’ed

  1. Hey you’re back! I’ve been wondering where you were :) Ditto on the list except for watching the Goonies. It’s been many, many years since I saw it. Glad to have you back!

    • Thanks! :)
      I’ve been too busy and tired (physically and emotionally) to keep up on this place here.. The words just wouldn’t come. I’m hoping that I can settle into more of a routine around here.
      How are you?

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