And his award is…

So, ShNo turned six months old on Sunday.  And, he was rewarded with a trip to the vet this morning to get some bodily parts snipped off. 

The last few days leading up to the appointment I’ve been a bit emotional.  I did a lot of research and decided that having him neutered was the best decision for us, but he kept looking at me with these sad, knowing eyes, and I would feel horrible.

And, then this morning, he was all sweetness and cuddliness – and the guilt kept building up.

But, I dropped him off at the vet this morning.  I’m expecting a call around 3 to be told how surgery went and what time I can pick him up. 

I keep picturing him, sitting sadly in the kennel with no one playing with him all morning, and then laying on a table all drugged up and ….

Makes me worried about what I’ll be like if any child of mine needs to undergo any sort of procedure.


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