A confession…

I have a confession to make.  I feel unsure about saying this out loud on here – fear of shame and shunning, I guess.  But, this is my little corner, so, here goes it…

We want a girl.

For a firstborn.

My husband, especially, is determined (and very very hopeful) that we have a girl first.  And, for the second, he would like either a girl or boy.

To clarify: we would absolutely be head over heels in love with a son OR daughter.  But, if we had a choice, we would want to have a girl first.

So, is it wrong to try and tip the scales in our favor?


4 thoughts on “A confession…

  1. Don’t feel guilty. My sister and I felt the same way. We both wanted girls as firstborns also. She had a little boy first and a girl second and says she wouldn’t have it any other. Of course, I don’t have any yet, so we shall see.

    • I think it’s pretty common to have a preference. But, we’re thinking of trying the Shettles method to conceive a girl… If it works, great. If it doesn’t… Oh well. There’s always next time ;)
      Where are you guys in your plans?

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