Charts and Graphs

Last month we decided that my last pack of birth control pills, well, would be my last.  Which means that yesterday, when I was set to start a new pack – I didn’t.  I’m officially off the pill.

I’m excited (I hate the little suckers), but also a little anxious.  I wonder what effects it will have on my cycle – if I’ll lose the predictability of every fourth Monday.  I also wonder what effect it’ll have on my skin – if I’ll start breaking out again, or if finally at 26 acne will be something of the past.

I’m also a tad anxious because, while I’m off the pill now, we do not plan to start trying to conceive till late spring.  Which gives us a good 3 or 4 months where we need to be careful.

So, for the first time in our marriage, contraception has become an issue. 

Given my predisposition to bladder infections and the like, I’m a little wary of female contraceptives.  The husband prefers not to use condoms — and, besides that, they are ridiculously expensive.  Well, maybe not, but at least in comparison to me being on the pill, which would equal $0 after insurance.  We picked up a pack anyways yesterday, and they come to $0.75 a condom, which adds up quick.

All this led me to research natural family planning.  And to buy a basal thermometer.  And to research charting and graphing.

All complicated, time-consuming stuff. 

But, I also found another option, the Standard Days Method*, which basically means that if you have a 26 to 32 day cycle, you abstain from day 8 to 19 of your cycle.  Which seems like an awful lot of abstaining… but at least it should work till I figure out the rest of this charting and temperature taking business.

Any one have any experience or helpful information on natural family planning?

* Unfortunately, WordPress is being a pain in the a**, and won’t let me link to the website with information on Standard Days Method, so here it is:


4 thoughts on “Charts and Graphs

  1. I would offer profound advice on the natural planning method, but we’ve always used the pull out and pray method (a friend’s words). Clearly, our method is not the most effective.

  2. Yayyy! I’m so excited for you. I use a phone app on my Android called MyDays, which helps me keep track of my period and a bunch of other stuff. I’m not good with keeping a paper trail so electronic means helps me out better. I like that it also predicts my next period and so far it’s been pretty accurate. If you use it, I would recommend for you to go back and enter the start and end date of your period for the past few months (if you have that information) so it can get better at predicting the next ones.

    Also, something that helped me with bladder infections was taking a natural supplement called D-Mannose. It has made a world of difference and I no longer have to take antibiotics. I found it at a local health food store adn it comes in capsules or powder. I use the powder form.

    Hope this helps!

    • Oooh.. thank you! I’ve never tried D-Mannose – I’ll have to look for it. I don’t get them quite as often any more – but I hate having to go on antibiotics for them.
      And, that’s a great website to know of. I’ll have to look into it. I do have the prior months information.. Right now, I’m keeping it all written down in a calendar.. But, I’m planning on inputting it all into an electronic database to help me calculate it properly. :)

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