Sure, go ahead and play video games love…

AMP has always been a video game nerd – I knew that when I married him.  And, honestly, I don’t mind, because unlike some who complain that their husbands never spend time with them, AMP is perfectly capable of shutting down the game to snuggle up and watch a movie without a complaint – and sometimes even it’s his idea.  So, him spending a few evening drowning out some stress in his make-believe video world is fine by me.  Especially since his latest game is a computer game, leaving me all access to the one television in the house.

This sounded great, until I realized that whenever I sit down and watch TV there is absolutely nothing good on.  We have a handful of shows we DVR and watch together.  But, other than that, there’s only so many Storage Wars or House Hunters re-runs I can watch before I’ve seen them all.  And, I have a problem with watching random episodes of a show halfway through the second season.

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But, last month we signed up for a free month of Netflix, and I’m in love.  I love the access to the movies, but my favorite part is the TV shows.  I love being able to sit down and watch episode after episode all in a row till I need a break, or I finish.  So far, I’ve finished two short series, Arrested Development and Accidentally on Purpose.  Last night, I started watching Life Unexpected, about a teenage girl in foster care who tracks down her biological parents to get their signatures to be emancipated and ends up in their joint custody.  I’m a few episodes in and so far I am hooked.  The main character’s name is Lux, and I really like the name.  Unfortunately, it goes against all my naming rules (yes, I have rules, but that’s for a later post), but I’m kind of thinking it might make a nice middle name?

I’m almost hoping AMP is planning on spending another evening playing video games for a few hours after dinner so I can watch another episode or two.  Though, snuggling on the couch sounds really good too.

What are your favorite shows?  Anything I can find on Netflix for my next obsession? Haha. 

Not a sponsored post.  Netflix did not ask me to write this post, nor am I being compensated for it.  I just wanted to share my love! :)  Though another free couple months would not be turned away.


2 thoughts on “Sure, go ahead and play video games love…

  1. I would definitely recommend Castle. Great show. I also loved Arrested Development. Samatha Who? was good also. I hate they cancelled it.

  2. Netflix has saved my life and marriage. Just kidding. My husband and I adore it so much, though, that I don’t think I could ever go back! Arrested Development is definitely a fave around here, as is The Office and Portlandia. I can’t get enough of those shows!

    If you are looking for a dramatic show, that is painful to watch, I would recommend Breaking Bad. It’s amazing. Also, the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series is awesome.

    Clearly I spend too much time watching Netflix shows. :)

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