One month in…

I’ve been off birth control for a month, officially. 

I have to say, I was a little worried when I went off it, after being on it pretty much consistently for over 4 years.

I was worried about getting pregnant in the first month, about my first period off birth control, how my skin would react, other methods of birth control, etc.

Well… a month it, I’ve laid some of those worries to rest.

I’m not pregnant!  Yay!  (Although hopefully in a few months I’ll be excitedly announcing the opposite!)

My period arrived on time, give or take a day.  This makes it easier for our charting and current birth control method.  Condoms don’t work for us.  Never mind how much AMP hates them, I can’t stand them.  We’ve tried a few times, and each time, it ends in frustration for both of us.  So, I voted on giving up.  Which is fine now that I know that my cycle is staying within the 26 to 32 day time frame needed for our Standard Days Method to work – just requires a little patience, self-control and creativity on our part.

My skin has basically stayed the same.  Even on birth control, I’d get breakouts, and it’s been the same off of them.  About a week before my period arrives is probably the worst, but nothing a little Tea Tree Oil overnight treatment doesn’t clear up.

BUT…. my cramps?

On the pill, cramps were manageable without pain killers.

Off the pill – my cramps cause me to double over in pain crying, leave work early to lie for 12 hours on the couch with a hot water bottle and popping pain killers every 3 hours.  I felt like I was dying.  I forgot how bad my periods used to be before the pill.  The last time I had cramps this bad was 2 years ago when I miscarried.  So, yesterday, I was cursing my decision to be off the pill… but I’m doing better today.  And, hopefully I only have a few more months of this before I’m period-free for a good nine months and more. 

Oh, and I’ve realized that a ‘natural’ Epidural-free delivery is probably not going to happen!


4 thoughts on “One month in…

  1. Yayy! Can’t wait to hear the good news. We are in what I call Limbo, we’re not on birth control and we’re not trying. so if it happens it happens.

    I’ve always had cramps and the one thing that helps is Advil Liquigels. Midol and similar products never worked for me. I love a hot bottle water too.

    • :) I can’t wait either.
      I think I’d rather be in Limbo for this one.. instead of being off birth control and yet actively not trying to get pregnant for a few more months. It’s harder too when you’re trying for a girl.. because it requires way more effort – and will probably take longer to get pregnant than if we were just trying.. but whatever.. We’ll be happy either way, girl or boy, whenever he/she wants to make their appearence.

      You’ll have to keep me updated if anything happens with you guys! :)

      I’ll have to try Advil. Regular Midol doesn’t work but I just got Midol Liquidgels and they seem to be able to curb the cramps a little, so that’s a good thing! But, it’s been years since I’ve had to use a hot water bottle for pain.. I definitely won’t miss that part of going back on birth control eventually.

  2. That first step is a doozy. I went off mine and was sure we wouldn’t get pregnant right away because we actually wanted to get pregnant. Nope. Bam. First month, first time, pregnant. Good luck. Fingers crossed.
    P.S. The reason I started the pill was to manage my period. I hate being off the pill.

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