Under advisement…

Choice is always yours

(Photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi)

On Thursday, it’s our 4 year anniversary!   Which is exciting.

But, the next day, will also mark two years since my miscarriage.  Something that crosses my mind more and more often as we get ready to start trying for a baby.

Prior to the miscarriage, I’d been in to see a naturopath that has treated my mom.  While being pronounced relatively healthy, the naturopath advised me to not get pregnant at that time because my body would most likely reject the pregnancy.  As I was on the pill, and not planning to try to conceive, I took it under advisement, but didn’t really give it much thought… Till I got pregnant and miscarried.

But, in preparation for trying, I made an appointment to see her to check myself out and to see if my body needs any boost to help it when it comes to this planned pregnancy.  That appointment is tomorrow. 

I so hope my body is ready… I don’t know if I can handle postponing trying any longer.


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