Day One

So the good news is that I’m relatively healthy… and that our plans to start trying in May remain intact.  But, I do have a plan for the next two months to get my body into optimal health for this pregnancy.

And today is day one of a 28 day liver cleanse.  Luckily, the first week you are just preparing your body, so I can slowly over the next 7 days wean myself off caffeine completely.  Maybe this will give me the kick I need to drop my daily coffee (or two) before I get pregnant… And, to just improve my eating habits in general. 

After the 28 days of that, we’ll be focusing on supporting lung and kidney functions (very important before pregnancy as I hear that growing babies tend to smush all your organs together so it can be hard to breathe).  Add to that increasing my intake of a good bacterias in the form of acidophilus and probiotics and reducing my current high stress level, and we should be all set :)

This is starting to feel real.. :)


8 thoughts on “Day One

  1. I’ve started drinking decaffeinated coffee during the day so I’m down to one or maybe two normal coffees first thing in the morning.

    What does the rest of the plan look like?

    • During the liver detox I’m supposed to cut out as many chemicals as possible – including cleaning supplies and makeup (which is fine because my mineral makeup falls into safe category). A lot of changes in my eating habits – cutting out sugars and wheat. I have a whole diet plan that needs to be followed – but I haven’t looked into all the details yet. By the fourth week I can add back some of the foods – but hopefully I’ll have developed a taste for healthier stuff and found good, easy recipes I can stick to.
      Then I don’t know exactly what the lung/kidney thing is going to look like – probably vitamin and mineral supplements. :) Then of course, exercising.. and taking prenatals and folic acid.. And hopefully come May it doesnt’ take me that many months to get pregnant…

  2. Yayyyy! I’m so excited for you! Such planning and discipline. Keep us updated on what you do. I actually went gluten-free about 2 months ago and lost 7 pounds which was teh motivation i needed to start goign to the gym. I have sooo much energy and I’m not starving all the time like I used to.

    • Wow.. that’s awesome Paulina. I wish I had the self-control to do that.. I don’t do well on diets haha.. As soon as I’m on one, I want everything I see. That’s awesome you’ve lost 7 lbs and have more energy.. I need energy and extra time! :)

  3. They don’t smash them too much. They tend to lean on your bladder though, especially when full. Why are you giving caffeine up before you have to?! Why?!

    • Hahah.. I totally haven’t been able to give up caffeine.. So, we’re trying to just wean myself down to one cup a day.. So far, it’s not working! haha

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