First two week wait…

If you spend enough time on any TTC (Trying to Conceive) website, you hear about the dreaded two week wait.  And this is my first two week wait ever.. and while I’m almost positive I’m not pregnant this round, I can’t help hoping…

Plus, in my typical over-preparedness I’ve already decided how to tell AMP when I am… And we know how impatient I am. 

Oh well, we have plenty of time.. right??  Too bad that’s not actually comforting for me.


4 thoughts on “First two week wait…

  1. Me too! I’ve been so tempted to try a pregnancy test, but I’ve been trying to be good and at least wait until closer too my period. Wish you the best!

      • My wait is over…no baby this month :( Have to keep reminding myself to be patient and not to stress about it. It’s all about my husband and I being in love!

      • Aww… Me too.. I’ll know for sure tomorrow, but I definitely don’t think it happened this month. It’s hard not to stress and to be patient, but remember, it takes the average couple six months to conceive. Hopefully next month brings better news!! xo

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