pregnancy test - negative

pregnancy test - negative (Photo credit: Konstantin Lazorkin)

I do enough research to know that it takes the average couple about 6 months to conceive.  And I know that doing the Shettles method for a girl makes it take a little longer than that.  So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when we didn’t get pregnant last month.And, I wasn’t surprised.

But, I was disappointed.  Obviously.  And a little sad. 

And, it didn’t help that without exaggeration between Friday (the day I got my period) and Sunday, I saw 18 pregnant women.  And I didn’t even leave the house on Friday. 

That was only month 1.

This is now month 2.  And we try again.

But, I’m torn.  Because if I don’t get pregnant this month, I think I’m going to take a break and wait till September to try again, on the off chance we get pregnant in the inbetween months… Because we have a trip out East planned for September, and I don’t want to be in my first trimester for it.

Which means another 4 months of ‘not’ trying.  And let me tell you, I miss my birth control pills – between my skin going psycho for two weeks out of the month and the horrendous cramps and longer periods, I’m just about done with this no pills thing.  I didn’t realize how well they were working till I stopped.

Here’s hoping this month is our month! :)


4 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. I think so matter how hard you try not to get your hopes up, we always do. I know the months between my last miscarriage & then last pregnancy, it was like every month I was holding my breath. I truly pray, send you love, hope, and all kinds off goodness your way. I know your not asking, but, I would lazy try for the next few months.. Lazy try- less trying to get pregnant, and more just enjoying “how” you get pregnant… wink wink..

  2. I understand impatience completely. With my first, it took 2.5 months (like nothing) to get pregnant and those 2 months where I had my period left me a complete, sobbing mess. Patience? Don’t have it.

    Basically, I understand. Hugs dear lady!

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