I’m horrible at keeping secrets.  Not other people’s secrets – those I can keep as long as I’m allowed to talk to AMP about it.  And, if not, I can still keep those secrets – it’s just really hard.

But my own secrets?

Maybe for a day.

Or two.

A week tops.

And then I cave.

And, if by some miracle I don’t reveal the whole secret, I will reveal it in part, which in some cases ruins the surprise.

Or, I’ll have to reveal it to someone else… just so I can get it off my chest.

It drives AMP nuts.

He’s patient and likes surprises.

I have zero patience, and only like surprises in theory.

And, right now, I have a secret from AMP – the way I’m planning to reveal when I finally get pregnant.  It’s hiding away in my closet.  All ready and waiting. And it’s driving me nuts.

And, I want to share.  But I can’t.  (Especially not here, since as soon as I do he’ll suddenly start reading my blog again or something).

I hate secrets.

And surprises.

And yes, I am a bit crazy.


2 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Hee hee. I’m the same way! I’ll start out beating around the bush and by the end of the conversation my secret is out. I told me husband that once we find out I’m pregnant we’ll have to keep it secret just in case…
    Well, if you just NEED to tell someone e-mail me ;) I promise I won’t tell!

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