A new language

Wal calendar

Wal calendar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TTC and AF and TWW and BFN and BFP — all acronyms I vaguely knew, but now am fluent in.

I’ve joined a Trying to Conceive (TTC) forum.. thought maybe it would distract me.
Turns out I was wrong.

It’s already hard not to ‘symptom spot’ and obsess whether a random wave of nausea is a pregnancy symptom or just a touch of flu.  Or if my breasts are actually sore, or just a result of me poking them constantly.

But, it does help to read other people’s stories.  To know not everyone gets pregnant right away.  That many people go through months of trying without a positive test.

And, to know what are actually pregnancy symptoms from real people and not just Google.

Two more days till my period is supposed to show up, and I finally get to know if this month is the month, or we’re waiting till fall.

This waiting is harder than I thought.


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