My body is screwing with me

So this was our last month of trying.. and then we are taking a break till the fall to try again.

And, my body is screwing with me.

I’m NEVER late.  The last time I was late was two years ago on the mini-pill (when I also got pregnant and miscarried).

But, other than that, I’m on time.

After six months of charting, I know my period shows up every 29 days.

Exactly 29 days.

We’re on day 31.

I somehow managed to have enough patience to wait till this morning to test.  Thinking tests are ridiculously expensive (more on that later) and I didn’t want to waste one just hours before my period was due to show up.

So, I waited till this morning.

And, got a big fat negative.

But still no period.

And still random waves of nausea.

And, I’m never late.  Not even at my most stressed out.

I’m annoyed.  I just want to know, one way or the other.  Being in limbo sucks.



3 thoughts on “My body is screwing with me

  1. When we were TTC my youngest, the month before she was conceived I had a cycle like that. I was late, nauseous and convinced I was pregnant but then got that BFN. The following month I had no symptoms at all and got the BFP. Looking at various forums it seemed common. I almost think it’s the hormones getting reved up to conceive?! Anyway, baby dust to you. It’ll happen!!!

    • Thank you Kristin.. I know it will happen.. I just feel like I’ve been waiting forever.. Really, we haven’t been trying long. Not long enough to worry about it.. But, my patience level is thinning.. But, I try to enjoy each day – and the little things I may not get to enjoy as frequently once I am pregnant.. :)

  2. mmmm same thing happened to me exactly the month before i concieved my son, thought i was but then got my period, then the ollowing month had zero symptoms and bfp! wonder if its happening to me again, as i am 2 weeks late! but i keep getting bfn…i have a bad feeling im gonna get a bfn on my blood test tomorrow which makes me so angry cause ive had so many symptoms…why is my body screwing with me!!! i hate being in this boat!

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