Momma Judgment – I think I’ll pass

It’s no secret that I’m looking forward to getting pregnant and having a child and becoming a mom.  I can’t wait to experience all the joys that come along with that.

Of course, there are some things I am not looking forward to – like sleepless nights, baby teething, temper tantrums.

But one of the biggest thing that I wish I could completely skip over is all the judgment.

There is no one right way to raise a child.  There is room for personal choices and preferences.  But, it seems like those who choose anything other than ‘mainstream’ are treated horribly.  They are criticized, insulted and bullied.

For example… Today on one of the Being Pregnant writers wrote a post asking feedback on other mom’s experiences with the decision on vaccination.  She had done some research, but was feeling overwhelmed by the different sides – stating she was torn because both sides had pros and cons.

She did not receive one helpful comment – but did receive 10 judgmental ones.

I made a comment, on my personal belief that parents shouldn’t be judged, and my personal experiences, both as a person who is not fully vaccinated, and as an aunt with some nieces and nephews that are vaccinated and some that are not. 

Which led to two readers blasting me.

I never stated my full personal opinion on the subject, but was labelled an ‘anti-vaxer’ and spoken to very rudely.

What is with the judgment?

I read a piece today by Mama Monologues about not judging.  Her words are so much more eloquent than mine.

All I can say is this:
I don’t see the need for judgment.  I don’t see why we can’t state our opinions – and remember they are opinions – not the only options out there.  Why we can’t realize that every one is different.  That there are more than one way to do things.  That we don’t need to convince others to do things our way. 

That we can be open-minded and kind with each other.

Otherwise, how can we teach our children be open minded and kind with each other? 


4 thoughts on “Momma Judgment – I think I’ll pass

    • I hope so too. I know my sister gets a lot of judgment for some of her decisions. I think I’m just going to adopt a ‘don’t ask/don’t tell’ policy for some of the hot topics.

  1. Judgement is such a problem on the internet. People are afraid to say what they really want to because of fear of judgement. I am glad you spoke up against it.

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