Life in Undomestic Land

The thing about trying to get pregnant when you’re already an overanalyzer and research addict is that you do things like google: “8dpo allergy symptoms” “tww 8dpo symptoms with bfp”.

Seriously, I should be banned from google.

And, this month we weren’t even trying, really.  Though, we did push our cut-off date for sex a little further than I should have when I wasn’t paying as strict attention to the calendar as I should have.

Which means, I’m analyzing everything again.

And, will continue to till my period shows up right on schedule on Monday.


Our puppy is now just over one years old.  We’ve completed three levels of obedience course, with him just finishing his Advanced Level One which he passed with 94%.  Yay ShNo!  He still has a lot of work to do (huskies are horrible on recall — and seem to feel that listening is optional), but I see a lot of improvement.  We’re spending a lot of time training him – because I figure that the better behaved he is, the easier it will be when we bring a baby home.  Plus, it’s kinda fun.


Family drama never seems to end… It’s not something I talk about on this blog, but it’s so ridiculous and it amazes me how immature people can be.  And, how us younger ones are more capable of acting like adults than some of the older ones.


I’m addicted to pinterest…. I spend a lot of time on there on my personal site, but am trying to do more on my pinterest for this blog..  I’ve found millions of ideas I’d like to try – too bad I don’t have the time or money for them.


The ridiculous basement is almost done.  We’re down to baseboards and painting doors.  Hoping it gets done before our NY trip.  After which we’ll turn around and sell the house and buy a place where we can actually rent out a portion of the house, making the mortgage payments a little easier to handle when we have a baby.


92 days till New York!! :)

Maybe time to actually start planning the details of that trip… :)


Losing weight is not going well… Seems easy to come up with excuses to put off using the elliptical – or to eat something junky.  But, I’m trying to be more conscientious.. Hard the last couple days because I’m starving ALL THE TIME!  So not helping.


2 thoughts on “Life in Undomestic Land

  1. I’m an overanalyzer too, so I went through the same things when we were trying. It’s frustrating.

    I’m with you on the Pinterest thing too. I find a lot of cute ideas, but never the time or money for them. Sigh. Maybe one day!

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