Blessings in Disguise

When I think about it objectively I realize that not getting pregnant in the past 3 months was actually a blessing.  In 84 days we leave for New York – a trip we’ve been talking about for 5 years, and we get to do it pregnancy/baby free – and carefree.  No worries about morning sickness or miscarriages or flying while pregnant.  Just get to sit back and enjoy the plane ride, drink cocktails in Manhattan, go on roller coaster rides, stay up late and get up early, walk for hours, crash in each others arms… and who knows, maybe even make a baby.

And, I’m excited!

Yes, I wish I’d gotten pregnant when we started trying in April.  But, we didn’t.  Nothing I can do about it.  No point of crying over it. 

Maybe we’ll get pregnant in New York.

Maybe we’ll get pregnant the month after.

Every month that goes by is just is a month more together as two.  A month to be enjoyed and savored before our lives change forever.

And, I’m going to enjoy them!

(I may have to be directed back to this post on a bad day – but overall I’m starting to succeed at keeping my attitude about the whole thing mostly positive — or at least I’m trying really hard!)


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