Yes, I googled…

English: Black Patent Leather Fetish Shoes 197...

Seven-inch stilettos… Mine are only 4-inch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I don’t consider myself a girly girl. 

Yes, I’m mostly in dresses and skirts (hazards of the job). 

Yes, I’m mostly wearing make-up.

But, I’m not strict about making sure my crazy hair is all set into place.  My nails are almost never done, and I’m more likely to slip on ballet flats than 4-inch stilettos.

Which is what found me googling ‘how to walk in heels’.

I love shoes.  And I love the look and elegance of heels.  But because of my penchant for wearing flats or kitten heels, I’m a little like a baby deer in heels.

Which means that the five-minute walk to the bank at lunch today is going to be a very long walk.. Maybe work wasn’t the best place to break in new heels.

Sometimes I wish we were born knowing how to do all the things we want to do..

Any skills you are trying to master?


4 thoughts on “Yes, I googled…

  1. Im trying to master natural hair. Getting my hair to look good without a blowdry or straighter.

    But back to the heels. I love heels. I work in them almost everyday and not a little kitten heel, 4 inches or higher. You put on a pair of heels and you walk in them with your head high.

    * Just a tip I always have a pair of pumps in a bag in my bag, you never know when you have to walk far (dont like to ruin my heels) or if your heel might break.

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I’m doing the same. Not sure if you have curly hair, but I’m trying the curly girl method (cg for short). Google it, it might help you :)

    • I’ve been trying to master my naturally curly hair for years too lol. My husband loves when I leave it curly, so I don’t straighten it very often. Have you tried Moroccon Oil? I love that stuff!
      That’s a great idea.. In the drugstore here they sell flats that fold up and you can keep in your purse.. I was considering buying a pair of those.

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