In love <3

My husband finds me amusing, most of the time.  But there are a few things I do, or say, that drive him up the wall.  When I’m trying to get some attention, I sometimes start a sentence with, “Remember when…”  Usually it ends with a silly “you used to love me?” which actually drives him insane.. So I’ve been working on that.

The other night, we were cuddling, watching TV, and I turn to him, out of habit,  and asked, “Remember when…” and then I remembered that I’m trying not to do that, so I finished up with “how much you loved me when we first got married?”

His response, “Yup, not half as much as I love you now.”

I think I’ll keep him.


3 thoughts on “In love <3

  1. I think you should keep him too :) You two sound adrorable. My husband and I recently celebrated a very emotional eighth anniversary. We didn’t exchange gifts, but instead exchanged letter saying things that we might not say to each other often. It was the best present EVER!

    • Happy 8th! My favorite parts of our anniversary is getting the card – my husband always brings me to tears with those cards – saying things he might not say out loud. :) Glad you had a good anniversary! <3

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