Smart phone here I come…

I’ve owned my own cell phone since I was 19.

My first phone was a phone with a keypad..

Then there was a flip phone..

And then a slide out keyboard..

The one thing I’ve never had is a ‘smart’ phone, or a data plan.. Or anything cool like that..

Until now..

By next week I should have my shiny new iPhone 5 in my hands with a nice little data plan to go along with it…

I’m so excited..

I plan to use my phone to keep my life running smoothly and organized.. to keep track of calories and exercise.. to keep me entertained..

Does anyone have any app suggestions?




4 thoughts on “Smart phone here I come…

  1. I got my first one under duress when I was in grad school because I had to travel up over a mountain late at night and my husband insisted. I only caved when he got a free one through work and I could take his, which we were already paying for!

    I’m not big into apps though. I like The Weather Channel, Pandora, Runtastic and My Fitness Pal

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