Only two months left in 2012… And, things aren’t quite as I pictured them.

I really thought I’d be halfway through a pregnancy by this time.  And that we’d have more debt paid off.  And, that we would have made progress in moving. 

But, we’re not.

And, really that’s ok.

As much as I would have loved to be pregnant already – the more we wait, the more time we have to enjoy just the two of us.  We got to enjoy our New York trip with no pregnancy related issues.  And, I get to soak up lots and lots of 9+ hrs of sleep a night.

The debt will come.  Slowly, but it will.  And, the same with the house.  No sense wasting time and energy worrying about all that stuff.

Just enjoy one day at a time.



5 thoughts on “November

  1. That’s a good attitude to have! Glad you had fun in NY. We did too! Makes me want to move back to NY, but the cost of living where we are is so much better. No baby here either by the way.

    • I love NY! At least we weren’t there during the hurricane! I couldn’t believe how expensive it is there tho.. But, it was an amazing trip. I want to go back – and do NY again and Boston.
      Don’t think this month is my month either.. Though I have a few days to go to be sure.. So frustrating.

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