Where my plan of positivity crashes…


Patience (Photo credit: AngSocialMed)

I sounded so positive the other day.All about how it’s no big deal to wait.  As if I haven’t been tracking my period and fertile days, and researching everything related to getting pregnant.   As if I’m completely relaxed about this whole process.  As if I don’t care if it takes months to conceive.

I’m full of it.

I want to be pregnant now.

I want to be round and feel my baby move inside me.

I want.

And it seems like this is harder than it should be. 

Everyone everywhere tells you to relax.  Don’t stress about it.  It’ll happen.

Which is all fine.. in theory.

But, waiting has never been my strong suit.

And with trying to conceive there’s so much waiting.

There’s waiting for your period to end.. then waiting for your fertile days.. then the dreaded two weeks of waiting for your period not to show.  The disappointment of it showing and then you start waiting again…  And it can go on for months.

I shouldn’t complain.

I’m only in month 2.  And, it takes the average couple 6 months. 

But, it’s just so much waiting.


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