I’ve wanted an iPhone for years…ever since my husband got his and I started playing on it.  But, I was stuck in a contract.. and iPhones are expensive… So I waited.

But, in October, I was given the option to renew early – plus my wireless company offers a reward system where I had reward dollars saved up so that I could afford my new phone (after the reward dollars and some other credits offered, the 32gb cost me $40).

So, I ordered it.  Gleefully.

And on Saturday, after 29 days of waiting, my iPhone 5 arrived in store for me to pick up.

So, I have now officially joined the ranks of smartphone users.

And I love it.

It`s so handy. 

I can check my e-mails and facebook on the go.

I can keep my schedule handy – and link it to my husband`s phone so he knows what`s going on in our lives.

I can create a shopping list and divide it up into categories and check off what I`ve bought – without worrying about accidentaly leaving the list at home.

I can listen to music as I walk the dog.

I can track the miles I walk as well – and the calories I`ve burned.

I can track what I`ve eaten on the go.

I already feel more organized. 

It`s awesome.

Now, to find some good games to play on this thing.. :)


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