Early this year I bought an elliptical.  Honestly, I haven’t used it very much.

I get on it and do 10 minutes here or there.  But, mostly it sits unused in the corner.  Out of sight, out of mind.

But, I have been walking more.

The dog desperately needs the exercise (and to learn to go against his nature and not pull me down the streets) and I enjoy it.

We usually do long-ish walks.  Anywhere between an hour to two hours – depending on when during the day we go and what my plans are.

This whole winter and it being dark at 5 really throws a wrench in my after work walks.  Not that I feel nervous about walking at night if I have the dog with me.  Though he’s a big ball of fluff, he looks pretty intimidating and most people don’t realize that huskies make the worst guard dogs in history.  Especially mine.  He loves being around people and saying hi.

So, we walk, three to four times a week.

It’s even better now with my new phone.  Yesterday, I tried my new app MapMyRun and it tells me how long I’ve been walking, how far I went, and how many calories I burned.  For example, I learned, I can walk 3.3 miles in one hour, burning 272 calories.

Plus, now I can listen to music as I walk.

Maybe soon I’ll be jogging… Maybe even running.




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