Pity Party

I threw myself my own personal private pity party on Sunday.. When my period decided to let me in on the news that I’m indeed not pregnant this month.

The pity party involved chocolate and burgers and kleenex and books and forcing my dog to cuddle with me while I cried…

Sunday was a great day.

AMP was understanding – in the way that he is… The ‘you shouldn’t feel sad because we’ll try next month and it’s no big deal’ until I shot him a death look and he revised his statement to ‘I’m sorry – you’re right to be sad – what kind of burgers and chocolate do you want?’

And, then this morning, I signed into my personal Facebook account and at the top of the screen one of my Facebook friends announced her surprise pregnancy – and how they weren`t even trying and they are due in June.. and blah blah blah..

The thing is, I`m completely aware of how ridiculous I`m being.  We haven`t been trying that long… It`ll happen.. I know all that.. But I`m done waiting for this.  I want it to happen now. 

And the stupid pity party totally set me back on my eating right and losing weight progress.. So that made me even more mad..

I`ll come back when I`m in a better mood..



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