A choice

I’ve been reading ‘Two is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice’ by Laura Scott.

Even though we’re already trying to have a baby – I thought I’d read about why people would choose not to have one.  There were many different reasons people made the choice to not become parents – and some of them do appeal to me.  Does that mean I made the wrong decision?

This is not something that I can take back – and I’m terrified.

But I also think it’s absolutely normal to be terrified when making such a huge decision.

I want a child.  I do.  But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t scare the crap out of me.

I know my life is going to change forever – and I can’t wait – but I’m also a little sad.  Especially on lazy mornings spent in bed, or low key evenings vegging out in front of the television.  But, I still want a baby.

Am I nuts?

Or is it normal?

One of the people surveyed in the book talked about the ‘puppy test’.  Basically, get a puppy – and if you still want to have a kid – then have a baby.  We did that.  And I still want a baby.

But is it a case of wanting what I don’t have?

I don’t think so.. but who knows if I’m just fooling myself.


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