pregnancy test - negativeI was just going to post a picture of a negative pregnancy test and leave it at that for today.. but I feel the need to vent for a moment… And what better place than here…

So, this is month 5 of disappointed hopes (April/May/October/November/December).. How much fun.

Especially because other than on here, with my best friend, and poor AMP, I am internalizing all the disappointment.  Because really, who wants the whole world to know they are trying and having people continuously ask if you’re pregnant yet.. I get that enough already without people knowing that I’m actively trying.

But apparently, you get stupid comments anyways.  I guess that’s a part of life.


4 thoughts on “5

  1. I’m on the same boat! I’m trying to focus on other things to distract me, but it’s really hard. By the way, my cousin’s wife lost the baby :( Apparently, it’s her third miscarriage. She really needs to get checked out. I’m so scared that when I finally do get pregnant, somethign like this will happen. So much for being optimistic…

    • I’m so sorry about your cousin’s wife. I’m terrified of miscarrying again – especially this time, when it’s something we’ve been waiting and hoping and trying towards.
      Hopefully neither one of us has much longer to wait.

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