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If you’ve been hanging out here a while, you know that I tend to obsess and worry about things long before it’s necessary for me to do so.  Which leads me to spending a lot of wasted time thinking up hypothetical scenarios that often don’t ever end up happening.

But, it’s what I do.

Which is why, even though I’m not yet pregnant, I’m already worrying and trying to decide on when I’m going to spill the beans.

Doesn’t help that AMP and I have different views on the matter.

I want to share the news with my immediate family and closest friends right away.  These are the people who know about my miscarriage – and the people I would tell if I miscarried again. 

I know that if I miscarry again – this time it’ll devastate me.  It hurt so much the first time and I didn’t even really realize I was pregnant – imagine this time, when we’ve been trying and waiting.  I’ll make it through – but it’ll be oh so hard. 

But, should I let that fear keep me from sharing my news?

Also, I don’t want to be ‘found out’ and miss out on surprising people my way.  I have all these plans in my head on how to tell my parents and my siblings – and I don’t want it ruined by them guessing before I tell them.

With other people – I think I’d try to wait to as close to 12 weeks – mostly for AMP’s sake… Because I know he’d rather we wait.  But, I think after waiting so long to try and then trying for 6+ months, that it’ll be hard for me to keep it to myself.

I know it’s silly – but I think about these things.. and maybe obsess about it.
When did you share your news with family and friends?  How did you do it?


2 thoughts on “Hypothetical

  1. We found out on a Tuesday at like midnight and my birthday was Saturday, my bf had organized a big dinner with all of our close friends and we decided before we left that we were going to tell. Our reasoning was if we went out to dinner with any of these people individually, we would tell. So why not tell them all. PLUS it was my birthday and we KNEW it would be obvious I wasn’t drinking. It was hard to avoid everyone trying to buy me drinks at the bar while waiting for the table. That was the 8th week (what we thought was the 5th…there was a miscalculation along the way) but we didn’t announce it on Facebook til the 14th week though. It was really hard not to mention it.

    • I think I wouldn’t announce it on Facebook till I was further along as well..
      I totally agree with telling – as opposed to being awkward and/or lying all night.

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