Back to basics

Last month was the first month we threw the Shettles method out the window. I feel like I gave it a fair try – 5 or 6 months. With no success. I gave AMP fair warning, that if we weren’t pregnant by December, then I was done with the Shettles method, and we’d go to good ol’ fashioned way of getting pregnant – not worrying about boy or girl. I think it’s easier for me than AMP. While I would love to have a girl, eventually, I’m thrilled with the idea of having a little boy. After my sister had her little boy, my anxieties about having a boy melted away. And, frankly, in comparison to my niece, my nephew is EASY.

And, I figure, we’re planning on having more than one anyways, so who cares if the first is a boy and not a girl (other than AMP – he obviously cares just a little).

January was our first month of ‘back to basics’ – and no success. And I took it surprisingly well.

This month we’re trying to not miss any ‘important’ days – so we’ll see how it goes. I would really like to be pregnant this month.. It would be an amazing anniversary present…

But, of course, it’s out of my control. All I can do is hope and pray…


4 thoughts on “Back to basics

  1. Hi! I love teh new look! It looks so pretty. I’m glad you are doing better with your patience. I am too. Nothing here either, but we have been so busy that we’ve been distracted. Wish you the best and can’t wait to hear that you’re pregnant! :)

  2. Hello! I’m new here so excuse me if this has been addressed…but…are you charting or just counting days? I ask because i had always counted and it turned out my body was “off” by three days. I am now a firm believer in BBT charting and i evangelize to every woman i encounter lol TTC or not

    Sticky wishes!

    • I counted – I found that charting made me obsess too much (I tried it for a month or two). We managed to not get pregnant using the Standard Days Method for months – so when we started TTC, I just switched to just knowing when my fertile period was. :) I know lots of women swear by BBT.

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