18 weeks <3

I’m disappointed in myself.. I thought that I would be writing about this pregnancy constantly, but really, I’ve been severely lacking in the department.

I’m 18 weeks today..

Baby is the size of a sweet potato now… measures 6 inches long and weighs 7 ounces.

He or she has been moving around like crazy since before 14 weeks.. but I’m the only one that can feel them still… The flutters feel like someone is running a feather on the inside of my stomach.. :)  It’s the most amazing feeling, but I can’t wait for him or her to start kicking a little more so AMP can feel it too!

I’m slowly starting to feel better.. But, mornings are still a little rough.

Next Friday we have our anatomy/gender ultrasound, so hopefully soon we’ll know if it’s a he or she! :)  I can’t wait to find out.





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