19 weeks :)

19I’m 19 weeks today.. On Friday we get to see Baby again.. :)  And, hopefully by this time next week, I’ll know if this little one I’m growing is a boy or a girl.

I love having a belly… It’s my favorite part of being pregnant.. but considering that the other parts are nausea and allergies and asthma, sometimes I feel like I have little to enjoy.

I’m looking forward to baby’s movements to get a little stronger too.. Right now, I can sometimes feel him pushing out against my tummy, but it’s always so quick and light, that no one but me has felt him move yet.

I seem to have gained back the weight I lost in the beginning, so I’m back to 148 lbs, which gets me a little worried, but my midwife appointment is next week, so hopefully she’ll ease my worries.. I just feel like a 5 lbs weight gain in 4 weeks is a little fast.  I’m trying to make better food choices too..  I still fit in all my pre-pregnancy pants (minus the button, haha), so it’s obviously just in my belly and boobs.. haha.

Can’t wait to see Baby moving around in 3 more days.. Hopefully he/she is cooperative and shows off it’s parts, haha.


18 weeks <3

I’m disappointed in myself.. I thought that I would be writing about this pregnancy constantly, but really, I’ve been severely lacking in the department.

I’m 18 weeks today..

Baby is the size of a sweet potato now… measures 6 inches long and weighs 7 ounces.

He or she has been moving around like crazy since before 14 weeks.. but I’m the only one that can feel them still… The flutters feel like someone is running a feather on the inside of my stomach.. :)  It’s the most amazing feeling, but I can’t wait for him or her to start kicking a little more so AMP can feel it too!

I’m slowly starting to feel better.. But, mornings are still a little rough.

Next Friday we have our anatomy/gender ultrasound, so hopefully soon we’ll know if it’s a he or she! :)  I can’t wait to find out.




13 weeks :)

We saw the baby the other day.. Honestly, it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. He was wriggling about and moving so much. I can’t believe that all that is going on inside me, and yet, I can’t even feel a thing.
2013-05-01 13

He (or she) really put on a little show for us, tumbling around, stretching, even playing with the umbilical cord.  Heartbeat was chugging away at 154 bpm.  I have the sound recorded on my phone.. It’s the most beautiful sound I can imagine.

I can’t wait till the next time I get to see him or her… I should have my anomaly/gender scan around the end of June.. :)  I can’t wait to know if it’s a boy or girl.. And to start seriously discussing names.  I won’t even think about it till we know.. No point arguing about two different set of names when we only have to worry about one.

Baby was measuring 4 days ahead, which bumped me up to 13 weeks.. :)  Hopefully that means I’m a few days closer to meeting this little one.. And closer to not feeling so sick.

And there’s my disjointed thoughts for the day..