Old School Blogging

In following Shell’s footsteps, I’m participating in ‘Old School Blogging’…

Basically, it’s those blog tags where you had to answer a certain amount of questions and tag other people – something that I used to do by e-mail, during class, while the teacher wasn’t paying attention..

So, here it goes:

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago, I was finishing up my last year of high school, dating my first-ever boyfriend, and enjoying the easy life where mom and dad gave me spending money in exchange for chores and I didn’t have to work.. I was pretty spoiled!

What 5 things are on your to do list?

1. Pick out and buy a dining room table
2. Finish our basement completely
3. Paint our bedroom
4. Walk 20k a week for 3+ weeks
5. Get organized

What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

1. Watermelon
2. Caramel candy corn
3. Carrots and cucumbers with dip
4. Pita and tzatkizi (or asiago dip)
5. Mini quiches

Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.

I’d have all our debt paid off, get a slightly bigger house and pay that off too, have 2 paid off cars, and travel around the world.  I’d also use my money to help out my family – and to give to my favorite organizations.

Name some places you have lived.

Somewhere in Europe and somewhere in North America.

Name some bad habits you have.

I’m a procrastinator.  I have trouble saying no – even when it’s to my own detriment.  I tend to overbook myself.  I have good intentions, but lack follow-though.  I like throwing my clothes onto my dresser until it becomes a mountain and everything needs to be ironed – or washed to get the dog hair off… Re-washing clothes because I forgot about them and they’ve been sitting in the washer too long…

Name some jobs you have had.

Retail for a couple weeks at a time, and then office jobs and volunteering.
And, now, I don’t really know how to tag people in this, so whoever else wants to do it…. :)


One thought on “Old School Blogging

  1. You must be my long lost sister. Apparently you and I have the same bad habits, although my clothes pile up in the corner of my bedroom instead of the dresser :)

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